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— Barrington

  • Type: Barge
  • First Appearence: Different Strokes - Different Boats
  • Last Appearence: Foduck and the Shy Ship (cameo)

Barrington is the smallest barge in the Big Harbour who delivers pipes to the oil refinery.


Barrington is always quiet like some the other barges and is best friends with Theodore. The two have a special game of hide and surprise, but they once hid too long and got into trouble. Barrington looks up to Theodore as a leader and never goes against his plans or ideas. One time he wanted to be called "Bartholomew" in the episode Hank's New Name and he also assisted Hank for his barge-pulling test in Different Strokes - Different Boats, which ultimately resulted in disaster. He is always a well-mannered barge nonetheless.



  • Barrington's model is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • Barrington and Guysborough's models both have the same row of bumpers on their sides.
  • His name either originates from Barrington in Nova Scotia, or from the famous Barrington Street which runs straight down to the harbour in Halifax.
  • In some episodes, Barrington has a crane on him, yet other times he hasn't got one.
  • Barrington shares the same hull and crane with Bonnavista.


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