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"The Dispatcher wants everyone to be quiet, Owan!"
"Ohhh! Quiet! Well, that seems great! Great! Yessireebob! Nothing like a little peace and quiet!
— A conversation between Owan and Theodore
All Quiet in the Big Harbour

Robert D. Cardona


Andrew Cochran


Jeff Rosen
Andrew Cochran


The Harbour Master
(Denny Doherty)

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All Quiet in the Big Harbour is the first episode of the third season.


The tugs are trying their best to follow The Dispatcher's order to be quiet, but Hank is having a hard time. George even sends him home from a job for being too noisy. So when he hears Lilly, The Lighthouse blow her foghorn, Hank tells her to stop. But without the warning, Owan nearly runs into the island. Hank sees Owan and knows he has to do something, even if it means getting in trouble for making too much noise. He blows his whistle as loud as he can and yells 'stop'! Owan is saved, but Hank is sure that The Dispatcher will be angry. He is surprised when The Dispatcher admits to losing his temper and acknowledges that his order to be quiet went too far.



  • Hank gets a V shaped smiling mouth from this episode onwards.
  • The episode was credited as "All Quiet In The Big Harbor" on its PBS kids run.


  • The picture of Owan on the Harbour Master's desk shows him sitting on a flat display rather than in the water.
  • It is said that The Dispatcher was sleeping but in one shot, he was already awake.
  • When Theodore, Hank, and George are saying goodnight to Owan, Emily and Foduck's horns can be heard too, but they are nowhere in sight.

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